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GENUINE FOLK ART (Made with Loving Hands)

A new artist at Material Life about whom we're really excited. These small, highly detailed paintings are even more amazing in person. Political, witty, culturally savvy, and evidencing an enduring interest in aliens of the extra-terrestrial kind, Ebonoir's works—and insights—are a revelation.


Artist Statement:

(I like Antiques & Americana Items) but cannot afford them. So sometimes I paint pictures of them. I'm a 54 year old, unemployable man who used to work in factories in the South (65-80 hours a week) for decades but circumstances have claimed the life of my wife, my health, my ability to work a job for an employer & my ability to travel more than a short distance from home. My life is more simple now. (I Don't own a television, a radio or a car). Don't read newspapers & rarely use the phone even. I live pretty much in isolation in a small Southern town (only a couple miles from where I was born) spending most of my waking hours painting in my room. (Some of my housemates like it better that way). I care for (4) cats & a dog that lives here too. The Mississippi River is nearby and the train they call "The City of New Orleans" that Arlo Guthrie sang about runs (twice a day) past my front door. I live just off "Highway 51" that Bob Dylan made a folk song about also. Occasionally I walk down the road to the store or the post office to buy paint'n supplies or mail out sold items to buyers. I paint many different, (sometimes wild & crazy) subjects & situations in my pieces, but I try never to leave out the black man outta the picture. I have thus far resisted filing for disabilities because I'm a proud man & don't want to be a burden to the country I love. "Your support will be Greatly Appreciated" (God Bless Y'all) ~ Ebonoir

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