Jimmy Baynes

In the 1950s, Cleveland, Ohio, postal worker and amateur photographer Jimmy Baynes (July 12, 1922 - September 9, 2010) launched the Baynes Foto Service at 2220 East 87th Street. For 3 decades, he photographed life in Cleveland, Ohio's African-American community, which was concentrated on Cleveland's east side.

Baynes photographed everything from private weddings to beauty competitions and burlesque shows, making many photographs in the city's entertainment venues. His work includes jazz, R&B, and rock and roll musicians including Louis Armstrong, Ruth Brown, Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, and Louis Jordan.

Although Baynes' photographs were often published in Cleveland magazines and newspapers, such as The Call and Post, his photographs provide a unique view into Cleveland's African-American life, music and culture, one rarely covered by the mainstream media.